Depression and Me


It’s only depression. Snap out of it. You’ve still  got two arms and  two legs, you can still get about. It is best not to say anything. Why would you want to? People will think your mad!  No, best to keep quiet.

Mrs Smith had it for years.  Didn’t hear her shouting about it. No, she never told a soul. Well… she did tell her neighbour and Mrs Watson at the other side of her. Yes, well…they told me. And I’ve just told you. But your not to tell anybody.


The story above is to illustrate how people dealt with depression. Most people at that time didn’t know about depression and it was know then as melancholia. {1950’s.} They were sent away to hospital and had electro treatment. Zapped with electric shock treatment in the brain. So of course they didn’t want to tell anyone.


It is time that I did. I have kept quiet too long. And I think that is the problem with depression, keeping quiet. I have suffered depression most of my life. I was mid -twenties when I went to the  doctor. I had had an out of body experience. He sent me to a physiatrist. But that’s another story.

I had tragically lost my brother on Christmas day. I could not grieve. No one wanted to speak to me about the loss of my brother and they hid the newspapers. Walking into a room everyone went quiet. My first born was just two weeks old. I was a zombie. But, as they say now, Suckit- up and get on with it. And that is what I have done for all my  live.


No,  not anymore. Taking tablets. Keeping everything to myself hasn’t worked. So it is time to speak out.

I will write some more for my second blog. I am a little behind so will try to catch up.

I would love to hear from anyone. Depression is not the same for everyone.


5 thoughts on “Depression and Me

  1. Good post. Typical comments such as ‘snap out of it’ etc still illustrate how difficult it is for anyone to comprehend who hasn’t experienced. However a large number will have experienced depression to some degree. Many people will be able to empathise.


  2. Such an important topic, Valerie. It’s many years ago now but I can remember experiencing post-natal depression as if it was yesterday. I agree there definitely seems to be this perception that depression is something you can snap out of…if only you wanted to badly enough. Thank you for speaking up about it!


  3. It is not my day! I wrote a long, congratulatory comment, and it disappeared!
    Sincerely, I applaud you. Depression is an illness… a serious illness. I think that as long as it is ‘hidden’, not talked about, it has power to be a threat.
    Well done for speaking out, for sharing!


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